Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I'm not a big Halloween gal.  I love fall.  But dressing up it's really my thing.  Our friends invited us to attend a Halloween booze cruise.  It was a long evening and wouldn't recommend unless you are the age between 21-29.  Lesson learned.
Fred and his witch
Our unicorn on Halloween.  
Hayden's classmates all dressed up for the party.
Bingo is a hit for all ages! 
Last year of elementary parties.  Sniff, sniff.  

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Real Life

 Welcome back to the new and improved Bluebird.  These pictures aren't staged, this is real life!  Our contractor will be done on Friday with the final punch list of items.  I thought I'd show you what things look like.  
 Probably my favorite space of the remodel.  Our outdoor living area.  We can sit out here year round and be warm with the fireplace and the heaters above us. 
We have loved sitting out there and drinking our coffee, watching shows and just sitting there looking at our back yard. 
 Our new range is amazing.  The appliances that were in this house before didn't work great.  The heat is even and the different settings for both the cooktop and oven make it way easier to cook.  
 The only thing that changed in our formal dining room is we made the entry walk through much bigger.  
 Moving back into the kitchen was fun!  Katie and my friend came over and helped me.  So incrediably thankful for their help.  
 Our mudroom is serving a few purposes.  When we get our puppy in December, this will be where his food and crate are located.  
I ordered hooks for our coats, backpacks and handbags to hang.  They are steel which makes them heavy duty.
I don't know how we lived without this space.
My pantry is one of the only things not completed yet.  Matt made the most beautiful walnut shelves.  They are constructed but need to be cut to size and then installed.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Dinner and a Show

When we heard Disney's Aladdin was coming to town we knew we needed to attend.  One of my favorite things to do with Hayden is take her to Broadway Musical Shows.  
We went to dinner at Il Fornaio in Seattle before the show. 
Hayden hoping to get her own genie!  

Duke Gradwohl

We've been getting weekly updates about our Mama beagle and her puppies.  
Maddy the day before giving birth.  Look at that tummy?! 
 The litter had 5 boys and 1 girl.  
 Here is the first born.  Baby boy #1.
 Here is the litter, week 2. 
 Aren't they the cutest?!
We aren't sure which one we are getting yet, but we know we are getting a boy.
Week 3, eyes open and starting to eat solid food.  Melt my heart!  We can't wait to have Mr. Duke in December.  We have his beds, crates and toys all ready for his arrival. 

Remodeling Ideas

I promise when our remodel is DONE, I'll show you.  We are very close.  I wanted to share how I designed our space.  Working with contractors (who typically are men) I wanted to make sure my ideas were crystal clear.  I searched for pictures for months and kept a file on my computer of exactly the look of what I wanted for our remodel. 
 I hate hand prints on stainless steel appliances.  I wanted our appliances to blend in with our white cabinets.  This is one of the last things we are waiting to be done.  The cabinet company didn't paint the backside that will mount to the appliances.  It has to be done because of the moisture. 
 We have two massive fridges in our space.  Everyone tried to talk me out of having two but I stuck to my guns and I'm so happy that we have two!  They are side by side and have freezers below. 
 We still have our fridge in our garage that holds all our extra drinks.
 We used subway tile throughout our kitchen.  The color blends in with the cabinet color.  Behind the range I had the tile company use the same material but create a herringbone pattern.  I absolutely love how it turned out!
  The vent hood that we installed is 48 inches wide.  I also didn't want to see a huge stainless steel hood.  I had the cabinet company wrap the vent hood. 
 We wanted the largest island we could get without a seam.  Similar to this island.  I wanted nothing in it expect a small prep sink at the one end.  Our island is 10 feet long with storage on both sides and a book case on the end nearest to my sink for my cookbooks.
 I love one LARGE sink.  We have one in Crescent Bar and that's what I wanted at Bluebird.  We have a farmhouse sink with all brushed bronze hardware.
 Our garbage and recycling is now in the same place.  Two different bins.  Makes life so much easier.
Showing our contractor my white, bright and huge island concept. 
 Sharing how I wanted light cabinets but dark wide plank flooring.
We have two different lazy Susan's in our kitchen.  Both pull out completely.  They are such a great way of using dead space.
I've always been a navy lover for an accent color in our home.  I didn't jump on the bandwagon of the navy craz recently.... we had red, white and blue in our other house.  I think it's such a classic color.  It goes with any finishing hardware.  Our kitchen is very white and I wanted to make a huge statement piece therefore I decided to paint our island Hale Navy, by Benjamin Moore.  It's probably my favorite part of the whole kitchen.  
In our mud room we have a cabinet that looks similar.  It has two large doors and then all the drawers pull out for full extension.  It is working as my dry goods pantry right now.  I will have food here and also in our designated pantry area.
 On the right side of our range there is a place for our knifes and all our cooking utensils.  It's so easy to grab what I need when I'm cooking.
 On the other side of our range is a spice rack.  It holds all our normal size spices and then larger Costco size bottles of olives, vinegars and salt and pepper.

Our new microwave is a drawer system.  It is located in our island.  It isn't a huge eye sore.  It's super easy to place things in and take them out when they are heated.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Christmas List

My Christmas wish list.....
Copper rain chains.  There's something about listening to the rain fall through these that's so peaceful.

I wear a lot of navy and need a new watch.

My hairdresser recently purchased this Dyson hairdryer.  It's amazing.  It's expensive but if you use it EVERYDAY it's an investment.

I love these monogramed buffalo checked blankets. 

The newest scent from Jo Malone, English Oak & Red Currant. 
I don't wear much jewelry.  I like simple things.  Nordstrom has lots of choices.
I love everything monogramed.  How cool is this idea.... a monthly subscription where you receive different items that are monogrammed for you?! 
Cook's has the best cookbooks.  They are for all types of cooks.  They share short cuts to take when making difficult foods and how to make sure your meal turns out perfect.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


I've been having unpacking slowing and moving back into our house.  We started this remodel April 15th and then May 15th they come into our house!  We have not had a kitchen since then.... and boy do I have a lot of advice, tips and insight.  We are almost at the finish line.  I've been working hard to get my house back in order.  Here are a few things that I've purchased for the house and just for personal use:

Hayden needed new ice pack for her lunch box.

My favorite Mrs. Meyer's fall scent, Apple Cider. 

 Our coffee cups will be displayed on this rack.
Our friend recently told me about these Sorel boots.  With fall/winter approaching I needed a new pair of everyday boots that I could wear.

 We wanted a travel Bluetooth speaker when we travel.  We love listening to music when we are in our hotel room, beach or at the pool.
Hayden is really into taking leftovers to school for lunch.

A new 3-tiered oblong server for parties or storing our fruit and veggies on the counter.

 A bread box for our fresh bread we love making in our bread machine.  Hayden's favorite is banana, pumpkin or zucchini chocolate chip.
Have you heard of Turkish towels?  A friend introduced to these and we love them.  Instead of using a beach towel that takes forever to dry these are way better.  The more you wash them the softer they get.  They dry so quick and you can shake all the sand out of them.
Amazing website for yummy recipes.  I recently bought the cookbook.  It has detailed directions and pictures of every recipe.

My new favorite crockpot, but in the shape of a casserole dish.  The food cooks at a perfect even temperature and it really easy to transport to places.
Our favorite new board game as a family.  We played this at our friends house and loved it!  It's really fun once the parents have had a few cocktails. 

I've been looking for baskets for our new pantry.  This is the best deal found on Amazon.