Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mr. Gus

It is with much sadness that I share we lost our 14 year old beagle, Gus-Gus Gradwohl.  This dog was my life.  He was one of a kind.  He stole food from anyone, loved being in our yard and smelling all the scents, would wake up when he heard the cheese package being opened, popcorn was his favorite food, was obsessed with the following people: my dad, our housecleaner and our dog sitter. He loved music where horns were played because he would sing along, his happiest place was sitting on the grass in Crescent Bar and watching all the people.  He loved to sleep and didn't like noise.  Matt and him had a love-hate relationship.  Every single morning he would walk into Hayden's room and she would put her hand down and he'd lick it. Never listened but was the best damn dog.
I have always loved beagles.  When Matt, Katie and I decided to finally get a dog 14 years ago I knew it's name would be Gus-Gus.  Remember the little mouse from the movie Cinderella?  It was such a fitting name to our beagle, Gus-Gus Gradwohl. 
 Hanging out in Crescent Bar.
He doesn't look happy here but he loved being out on our boat. 
 Would sit and wait every single night for Matt to come home.  Then the two of them would go outside together in the yard and both pee! 
 Best day of his life.
 We tried the "no furniture" rule.  This was "his" spot. 
The hardest part has been coming home and not having someone greet me.  We started remodeling our home in April and that was the beginning of the end.  It was extremely stressful on him having different people at our house daily.  I knew something wasn't right because he was sleeping a lot and didn't want to get on our bed.  We took him into our vet and learned that he had an extremely aggressive form of cancer.  The cancer had spread to all of his organs.  We decided to have one last amazing weekend with him.
 We snuggled with him all weekend.  We cried a lot. 
 Hayden and Gus having their morning love session.
 We took him to the dog park.  When any dog sniffed him he would always growl at them. 
He got his first tattoo. 

RIP Gus-Gus Gradwohl
December 10, 2004-June 17, 2017

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Angela Leone said...

Oh Lexi, what a sweet post for Gus Gus. Huge hugs to you all.