Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Real Life

 Welcome back to the new and improved Bluebird.  These pictures aren't staged, this is real life!  Our contractor will be done on Friday with the final punch list of items.  I thought I'd show you what things look like.  
 Probably my favorite space of the remodel.  Our outdoor living area.  We can sit out here year round and be warm with the fireplace and the heaters above us. 
We have loved sitting out there and drinking our coffee, watching shows and just sitting there looking at our back yard. 
 Our new range is amazing.  The appliances that were in this house before didn't work great.  The heat is even and the different settings for both the cooktop and oven make it way easier to cook.  
 The only thing that changed in our formal dining room is we made the entry walk through much bigger.  
 Moving back into the kitchen was fun!  Katie and my friend came over and helped me.  So incrediably thankful for their help.  
 Our mudroom is serving a few purposes.  When we get our puppy in December, this will be where his food and crate are located.  
I ordered hooks for our coats, backpacks and handbags to hang.  They are steel which makes them heavy duty.
I don't know how we lived without this space.
My pantry is one of the only things not completed yet.  Matt made the most beautiful walnut shelves.  They are constructed but need to be cut to size and then installed.

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